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Russel and Betty Friess started Friess Welding & Radiator, Inc. in 1968. Russel & Betty started off their company working regular jobs and working to start a new company. Working with your Spouse can be quite trying at times, but they found a way to make things work.  Mr. Friess also went to Reese Hitch School to learn how to do weld on hitches. From his ingenuity and hard work he has made this company work for the past 45 years. His determination to fix and repair broken parts is what sets his company above all others and has kept him in business all these years. He has always said “People bring us a problem and we fix it”. Friess Welding & Radiator, Inc. is now just Friess Welding, Inc. They discontinued their radiator business about 1985. Friess Welding, Inc. is a Family owned and operated business. Doing what they do best, solving people’s problems by welding anything that can be welded. Friess Welding are proud members of the Better Business Bureau, NFIB and the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce.

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