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Tip #102: 2013 Dodge Ram trucks

New Tech support bulletin from Reese. The electrical system on the 2013 Dodge Ram trucks has changed. Though the brake control connector is the same as the 2010 – 2012, the wire functions have changed. The terminal that used to be the stop light signal, now has battery voltage, when the ignition is in the run position. According to Dodge, it is not possible to install an aftermarket electric trailer brake control into these trucks. Dodge states, “The 2013 Ram has “Powernet” and utilizes multiplex wiring that is different from any previous designs, therefore, aftermarket trailer brake controls are not compatible.”
At this time, the only aftermarket brake control that can be used on a 2013 Ram truck is the Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF (we have one instock). This is a trailer mounted brake control.
Any attempt to install an aftermarket brake control into the vehicle may cause severe damage to the vehicle’s electrical system or electrical components!

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